So there has been a lot of speculation regarding my blog lately and what mind end up happening is quite true. I have decided that by December end, I will have to find a new owner for the blog because time isn’t on my side specially with school and everything that comes with that. I figure that I will be starting up a new blog instead and not post on a daily basis rather do a weekly post instead. Either way, I decided to do a little research to see what you can do if you feel that you need to sell your blog too, so here are a few tips.

1) Contact Other Bloggers – one of the best ways for promoting the sale of your blog is to contact other bloggers and ask them to raise awareness by letting you do a guest post or by having them mention the sale in a post.

2) Top 100 List – another great idea is to contact a few of the Top 100 Money Making Bloggers out there through‘s Top 100 List and have see if they are willing to cover the sale of your blog. Depending on how well you know some of them, they may be more than willing or they may not bother. It all depends on who you contact, remember that I am on the list!

3) Blog About It – Another great idea is to blog about it yourself! Sometimes you never know how many people that read your blog actually might want to take over the blog themselves. It might also help you to sell the blog to someone who likes your content because they may tend to be more motivated to keep the blog going.

4) SitePoint Marketplace – The best place to sell your blog is through SitePoint although many have been successful selling their blog through a post on their own blog. Obviously, many of you have seen several of the top blogs sell on SitePoint and it won’t harm you to give it a shot. Its similar to eBay, but for blogs, and costs around $20.

Well, hope those tips are a little helpful. I am really sorry if the news gets you by surprise but as always, those are my plans for now. That means that they can always change depending on my workload. I do know that until the 12th of December, things will be a little slow, so if I am still able to bring up my traffic after that, then I shall continue with the blog. Have a great week ahead everyone and let me know your thoughts on whether or not you would ever consider selling your blog due to an inability of keeping up with it.