Most of us have dealt with receiving or giving feedback sometime in our lives and generally, we are on the receiving end considering the business we are in. We always receive advice and criticism from our readers and visitors and that is all part of the blogosphere experience. About 50% of the time though, I receive negative feedback and I appreciate it, and I appreciate it because its not really meant to be hurtful, its just feedback. Here are some ways that you can make your negative feedback, positive :

1) Constructive Criticism – Nobody is saying you need to be easy with your criticism but as long as you are able to follow up your feedback with some way to resolve the issue or if you provide feedback that may lead towards a solution then you’re not doing any harm.

2) Sandwich Approach - The Sandwich approach is quite common and its basically where you sandwich the negative criticism with positive comments. So you start with a positive comment, state the negative and close with a positive comment. This takes the person on the receiving end of the criticism to not feel as they completely bombed at doing what they were supposed to.

3) Just Be Nice – Nobody says that negative criticism needs to be so hurtful. If something terrible has happened then you may not be able to help it but in general you should just try to be nice in mentioning the negative aspects. For example, if someone did a presentation badly you could tell them that the presentation could have been better. It softens the blow, in other words.

Hope this post has been of help to some of you. This is mainly from experience for me and I have noticed that some people don’t care about how they communicate their criticisms and such but at the end of the day, the people you work with are the ones you should worry about and be cognizant of their feelings. Let me know your thoughts and have you ever received feedback that was just communicated in a way where it was made to seem worse than it actually was.