Market Leverage Rocks!
Dina, over at Market Leverage sent me my very own custom Market Leverage T-shirt that says “Enkay’s Blogging This” and I wanted to send her and all the guys over at Market Leverage a big Thank You note by way of this post. Here is a picture of me in the shirt so I’d like to hear your comments about the shirt and me ofcourse :)

Free Vacation Contest Extended
The contest by Direct Agents and Bidz were hosting a dream getaway contest that I had blogged about and I was just informed that the contest was extended till the 15th of April from its original end date of March 31st. If you would like to win these amazing prizes, then you should definitely enter by clicking here:

First Place: Trip for Two To the Caribbean
Second Place: 42? Flat Screen TV
Third Place: $300 Gift Card

Custom Mascot Designed
I was contacted about 2 months ago by Catherine Annie about a custom mascot based on a picture of myself. Well about 2 weeks ago I was sent a copy of the completed mascot and after finally doing a few fixer uppers myself, I have decided to post it on my blog. You can see the mascot below and if you’d like to have one designed for yourself, just send me an email and I’ll send you the email address for Catherine since I’m not really sure what her actual website is.

So theres the week in update and hopefully I’ll have more posts soon. I was actually sick a few days of spring break but I’m finally back on track and back to blogging. Hope everyone is having a great week so far and let me know how you guys are doing!