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There are two types of people in the world : those who are computer savvy and those who arent. Not being computer savvy can have its disadvantages and could mean that sometimes you have to rely on others to be able to certain tasks completed. A very popular part of computing for families is editing digital home videos. Although there are a host of software solutions such as Sony Vegas, iMovie, Pinnacle Studios, etc however, these may not be as user friendly as Movavi VideoSuite. Recently, I was asked to review the Movavi Video Suite through ReviewMe and I was pleasantly surprised with the features of this comprehensive Video Suite. Unlike most other video capture and editing softwares, Movavi VideoSuite offers other features (See Picture Above) which includes – Capture Digital Video from Digital & Web Cameras, Video Conversion to run on any mobile device, Splitting & Merging of Video Files, Editing Video with Filters & Special Effects, Creating Video Postcards and Backing up & Copying DVD’s as well as burning VCD’s and DVD’s. In all, you can see that the Movavi VideoSuite definitely comes packed with a host of features.

Movavi Video Conversion      Movavi Video Capture

Movavi Video Editing      Movavi Video Message

How well does it work?
The Video Conversion part comes first and I was very surprised at how well it works. I was able to convert a video into several formats which include, and are not limited to, the PSP, PDA’s,Zune, Ipod, Wmv, Avi, and many more. The conversion was easy and the very user friendly interface was not difficult at all to follow. Secondly, the Capture Video part of the software was also quite easy to follow. Large buttons and easy navigation made it a snap to capture video directly from my camcorder or webcam. Once transferred, you can actually edit the video. If you look at the screenshots above, you will see that editing the video actually allows you to add video effects and transition effects to the video very easily. Another great feature is the Split Video feature which actually allows you to split a large video file in case your email client doesnt allow a very large video file transfer. This feature allows you to split up a large video file into several small files and even merge them later on. The Video Message is quite an interesting feature – it creates a video postcard that you can send to family and friends and like the other features of this software – it is VERY user friendly. Finally, you can create a VCD or DVD of your videos, music and data files.

Overall, I was highly impressed by the functionality of the software. I am very critical of software when it comes down to ease of use however, Movavi’s VideoSuite was very well laid out and the large graphical buttons are easy to understand making it very easy to use. I cannot stress how user-friendly this software is. As for the features, it beats out most of the other VideoSuite’s out there. With such a comprehensive package, there is no need to purchase any additional softwares when you buy the Movavi Video Suite. In the end, I would want you to check it out for yourself at Movavi and let me know what you think!

This is a paid review by : Movavi Video Suite