Black Summer

A new comic book called “Black Summer” is flying off the shelves but instead of a being a superhero that fights crime and doesn’t kill, this superhero does nothing but that. In the comic book, the villain is the Bush-Cheney White House group. Warren Ellis is not new to creating a stir in pop culture but this one may have gone a little too far. Aside from how controversial it is, it’s flying off the shelves. The superhero, Horus, in the comic book wants to bring about a change in the American political system and thereby kills the President, Vice President and several trusted advisors.

From Warren Ellis: “What happens when a superhero’s pursuit of justice leads him to the inexorable conclusion that he must kill his President to save his country?”

The #0 edition is currently out in full color and costs only $.99 and will be followed by 7 more issues costing $2.99. It would be interesting to purchase these comics for re-sale later as due to its controversial nature, it may earn you big bucks in the future!

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