So guys, I know that the last contest hasn’t ended as yet but I will have the final results as soon as I get the updated stats from Dina over at Market Leverage but as soon as I have them, you will know the winner. As of now though, I have a new contest to announce! Yes, another new contest!

So here is how the contest works. What you have to do is submit videos and written affiliate marketing tips on my blog through the comments or by emailing me. For these tips, you’ll use Market Leverage as the example network. At the end of the month, when all the videos and tips have been submitted, I will personally view all of them and pick a winner.

The best tip will be chosen based on creativity, uniqueness and effectiveness. Each criteria that I use is weighted so that each of them is of equal importance. So, what does the winner get? Well, the winner gets their choice of a Flip Mino HD which is the new HD Flip Video Camera or they get a Blue Ipod Nano.

If that wasn’t enough, then theres MORE. Yes, MORE! There will be quite a few blogs running similar contests. What will then happen is that the winners from all the blogs will be judged by the blog owners that are running the contest. Based on that, the top three winners will then receive an Amazon Kindle, $100 Market Leverage Rewards Card & $50 iTunes Gift Card. Thats over $700 in prizes for a top winner!

Its really easy to enter. All you have to do is write up a nice affiliate marketing related tip or create a really great video with Market Leverage as the affiliate network of choice, and you’re entered. I’ll pick the winner and then the rest of the bloggers will decide the top winners. Easy enough?

Also, I realize that many of you are visual people and so I created this nice little visual for you to help you keep your eyes on the goal and to let you see the prizes!

Well, I don’t know what youre waiting for, but if I was you, I’d get started right away. So lets see those creative tips and I wish you guys Good Luck. Also, the contest results for the Birthday Bash Contest will be available as soon as I get the updated stats! Happy Monday!