Well if you havent seen it already, Im going to shed some light on the new “Get Reviewed” page. I recently got accepted by ReviewMe and PayPerPost and what this means is that I get offers to review websites, softwares, etc. I decided that since my blog has seen some success since its start that I would start offering reviews on my own for starters. This is just a marketing move for right now because as the blog start getting more and more visitors, i will do away with “Get Reviewed” however the reviews I have written will still remain. Currently the going price for these reviews is a mere $5 which is less that what i get offered at the pay-per-post websites. The reason for this is because I’d like to provide more exposure to those who arent members of ReviewMe or PayPerPost. You can access the page from the navigation menu or the neatly designed graphic located on the right of the page. Also, the Agloco text link has now been converted to a graphic link which should hopefully draw more attention to it. I am in the process of fixing the smaller details of the system and want to make it a little more appealing to the eye with an idea of making a change only for the better! Let me know your thoughts on this.

Update: The bidvertiser ad unit has also been removed because it wasnt really working with the design and so maybe later on it may be back up again but for now, im going to leave that space the way it is in the hopes that I would add something else down there. Any suggestions?