So, I dont know if many of you have heard of this or not but Best Buy, a major electronics retailer, has decided to stop selling Analog TV sets. According to them, consumers are buying more digital televisions and are moving towards high definition or flat panel tvs. Apparently, it is the end of the era of Analog TV’s and the sale of the tv’s has stopped starting October 1st of this year.

According to me, this is a smart move considering that beginning February of 2009, broadcasters will only transmit digital signals meaning that your old analog TV sets will no longer work if they arent connected to a cable or satellite service. There are about 60 million households that use analog cable and the government will be providing each household two $40 coupons to help those individuals buy the converter boxes.

What I think is interesting is that I feel BestBuy has started to remove the analog line of TV’s pretty early on and I do not know how much that will affect them. Considering the fact that sometimes you can get a cheap 32″ flat panel for around $500, it may be a good idea. I do not see anyone going in for analog sets anymore and more people preferring the projection tv’s or high definition sets. I think its a pretty interesting idea and I cannot wait for the day when LCD Tv’s become cheaper to buy because that is what I would like! Anyway, let me know your thoughts on this, is this a smart move away from old technology or is everyone just jumping the gun when it comes to getting rid of analog tv’s?

Source: MSN