How many times have you been shopping and havent been able to find something that you liked? or found something that you liked but it hurt your pocket book? Well, is a new website that uses “fixed price selling” which means that you will always find what you like within your budget. They offer several high quality brand name items at prices that will make your eyes pop! Such bargains come around because OnlyaPony offers its items at 4 different prices, depending on your budget. These prices are £25, £50, £75 or £100 and with such price ranges that are already credited, customers such as you and I will find it much easier to find whatever you want without looking at the price tags and without comparing the quality of the item to its value. With brand names such as Burberry, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, etc, you know that what you are getting is always going to be of excellent quality and will look and fit great. 4

Lets start with the mens section. At first glance you will see some great deals and high quality brand names even in the lowest price range. For 25 quids you have a vast selection of brand name sunglasses, shirts, polos, gift sets and even shoes. There was a wide selection range even at the 25 quid mark. And if you thought that was all, then you would be quite surprised to see that as you move up the price ranks that the deals only keep getting better! 1

Now lets move on to the womens section. Again for 25 quid you have a large selection and products include stainless steel watches, fragrances, D&G gift sets, sunglasses, sweaters, corsets, various tops, jeans, shoes and even hair care products. The same goes for the women section – as you increase your price range the deals keep getting and more products keep getting added to the product list. 4

And finally the lifestyle section which contains 4 basic lifestyles – cooking, cleaning, relaxing and working. For cooking there were a host of products such as grills, kettles, toasters and even juicers. For the relaxing segment there are stereo systems, mp3 players and even classy telephones for around the home. For the working category there is a selection of phones for the work place and for the cleaning section there are quite a few bagged and bagless vacuum’s. 5

The payment section is also very well designed. The process of adding items to one’s cart is very simply and the payment page is easy to understand and wasnt confusing at all. Once an item is selected it is quickly added to your shopping cart and once you are ready to pay you click on the “shopping bag” and continue onwards from there.

Overall the website is designed well and its layout was easy to understand and had a low learning curve. The concept of pricing items based on budgets is a fantastic idea because now customers can pick a price category and browse items within a category that suits their budget rather than foraging through a lot of clothes just to the find the right one. Also, by compiling all the great brand names and bringing them together on one website makes it only easier for the customer to look through several of the top brand names at one place without having to go to each and every store. In the end, do check out and im sure you will like it!