So, you know that I’ve been playing with the idea of Affiliate Marketing with Market Leverage and the end of August concluded my experimentation and I realized that there are ways that you can pick offers to maximize your earnings specially as a beginner. I’m going to share a few tips as to how you can pick the right offers and what to look for:

1. Target Audience - Every offer that you pick to advertise has a target audience. If you’re advertising dating websites to a 60+ year old audience then it won’t be as profitable as advertising to an audience between 20-30 years of age. You have to keep your target audience in mind because thats how you can expect to generate the most leads.

You can do one of two things (1) select your target audience and then pick offers or (2) pick offers and then decide who the target audience is. My opinion is that the second option works better because after you have picked an offer, selecting a target audience after that will make it more accurate.

2. Dont Look at Just CPA – Sometimes individuals decide to pick offers that provide large amounts of money for a lead. Don’t look JUST at the CPA. Obviously, you have to look at it but don’t just pick an offer because it offers you a great CPA. Make sure that the offer you pick is the one you want based on the number of leads you can expect to generate. Consider this:

1 Lead with a $100 CPA = $100 for you
20 leads with $20 CPA = $400 for you

So its not really about how high the CPA is but how many leads you can generate from it.

3. Would You Click On It?
– Sometimes you have to think whether you’d click and complete the offer that youre putting out there. Its not necessary for you to think that but sometimes the offers require quite a bit of information and you’d have to think whether someone would be willing to fill the information out.

Some offers that require emails or zips earn low CPA but they can convert really well since most people are okay with giving that information out. Others that require a lot of information and specially credit card information can tend not to do as well unless you know what you’re doing. I’m just suggesting that if you’re a beginner stick to the basics for now.


So hopefully you guys can take something away from this post. I know that some of you are getting started and I’d like to hear some advice from some of you who have already experimented with affiliate marketing. Let me know your thoughts! Have a great mid-week Wednesday!