Power The Web

This was an interesting review for me to do because I haven’t done the review of a website that promotes a host of their own websites. Power The Web requested me to do a review for them through ReviewMe and I was actually pleasantly surprised when I visited their website because they offer solutions that are focused on usability, accessibility and web standards. A lot of the websites that you see on the main page are very common, in terms of business aspect. For example, they have a FindAZip website that has a database of all US zip codes and that will help you find the city of a US location through the use of a zip code. They have a similar database with all the airport codes. There were even several websites about clean jokes, gif animations, MSN messenger and AOL messenger icons along with a website that has a list of celebrity birthdays. They have several websites that are there to provide you with images and graphics that you can add to your MySpace profile. As far as I have seen their websites are very well designed with a clean look however the only suggestion I would make is to have better ad placement. Sometimes the advertisement can interfere with the look and feel of the website. For example, the Zip Code search result was followed by a large 300 pixel Google Ad that made it difficult to locate the result. Aside from that, the websites are well designed and have great graphics. Overall, great comprehensive source of web development ideas and I am glad they asked me to review them!