In the blogosphere I have seen several people earn a good amount of money through their advertising, affiliate sales and referrals but until recently, I didn’t hear of the term “revenue sharing program” anywhere. Well, Qoo Forum plans to change all that. They asked me to review them through ReviewMe and I plan to do just that. The reason I accepted the offer was because this is something unique and new. Personally, I haven’t heard of a forum that partakes in a revenue sharing program. So how does it work? well, basically the forum employs Google Adsense and you as a member of the forum are entitled to 50% of Adsense revenues generated by the threads that you have started. It is an interesting concept and because registration is free, you really have nothing to lose. Also, the forum consists of every possible topic that I could imagine – world news & politics, money, investing & business, search engine forums, web design & development, music, lifestyle, games, digital life, womens information and sports. See what I mean by everything! The website is designed well and I would think that earning 50% of the revenue is not bad at all. There are about 350+ threads and around 1700 members so I am sure that you would earn a good enough share. Even though I can’t really say how much, its better than nothing because most other forums don’t have this type of revenue sharing system. So, I will be trying this out for myself but in the mean time, why don’t you test it out? Go here!