I wrote a post discussing my switch from Kontera to Infolinks back in July of 2008. I was one of the early adopters of InfoLinks after I was contacted regarding if I would ever consider switching over to InfoLinks. I wanted to give it a try and sure enough, I never looked back.

InfoLinks earned me more money in one month than Kontera did in the year that I was with them. What more proof do you need that InfoLinks has worked better than Kontera or any other in-text advertising? Oh, how about the fact that several people that I know switched over after reading my post. I have had people switch over to InfoLinks after reading my post as recently as last week. Lets take a look at some of their comments:

LifeIsColourful – That’s really cool – after our chat yesterday – I have applied for Infolinks and waiting for their confirmation. I am eager to try that out.

Bnetwork – Good, right to the point information, thanks. Actually your post is of most relevance and value for my search term “Infolinks review”

Ahsan – I also added Infolinks to my low traffic site and I found it to be better than Kontera. Kontera gave 8 impressions per day while Infolinks gave 45 impressions. So I have a better chance of earning as traffic grows on my site.

Yuan Yu – I change from Kontera to infolinks today. thanks

Lets also look at the fact that if you type in “InfoLinks Kontera” on google, you will come up with my review that clearly gives InfoLinks the upper hand. Obviously, I had helped InfoLinks gain a lot of attention when I first blogged about it and I know that several dozen people signed up and tried InfoLinks after reading my post. The idea is that we are in the MMO niche to make money and the bottom line is that InfoLinks can and WILL help you make more money.

Oh and before I forget, I was also one of the first people to show PROOF that InfoLinks does pay. I received lots of emails from people regarding whether or not InfoLinks actually pays out and I backed it up with this proof of payment receipt from PayPal. This really drove a lot of people to gain trust in the InfoLinks service and try them out. Here was my payment receipt from back in August:

So, now that you’ve heard it from me and several of my referrals, I think you realize that not only is InfoLinks great, but that I’ve been a supporter since the beginning. Try InfoLinks today!