Yesterday was a bit hectic and I apologize for not having a post up but there is a reason for that. I had a post titled “Jump Start Your Page Rank” and I wanted to make sure that I had given it enough time on the front page for things to pick up and it surely did. Yesterday was the record breaking day for almost everything on this blog, except for earnings that is. If you haven’t joined the list, dont be disheartened because you can still post it on your blog and its only been a day so there is still time. The list will go on forever and I will keep adding websites to the list as long as a pingback is received. Anyway, lets look at some cool statistics.

Alexa dropped about 10,000 during the day itself! My Technorati authority went up from 57 to 65 and my ranking went down by about 16,000 and all of this happened in one day! As far as traffic goes, I received well over 1,100 hits over half of which were unique visitors!

Hard Work Pays Off
Nothing can be as exciting as this for me and although the intention of the blog is to try and make money, nothing makes me happier than knowing that my hard work is paying off. What a lot of people don’t realize is that I started this blog while I was taking summer classes at the university to get ahead (over achiever!!) and ever since summer school ended I have devoted my time to making the blog better not only for my readers but also for my own personal satisfaction. I try not to be glued to my monitor but since I do have more time on my hands, I keep a close watch to make sure everything runs smoothly. I try to keep up with whats going on in the blogosphere and I do not disregard anyone just because they have a “not-so-popular” blog. I was in the same boat and I know how difficult it is and I try to help out when I can. So, if you need a little advice or help or want to give me some feedback I would really appreciate if you would write to me. I do respond to my emails within the day itself, so go ahead, write on!

Design Changes
I have been doing a lot lately to try and improve upon this blog and there have been some small visual changes to the blog. First of all, the buy me a coffee plugin has changed and now reads “Help Me Get Buff, Buy me The Hulk from Smoothie King! 23g of Pure Protein Power!” considering that it is summer time and there isn’t anything more satisfying then to be cut up, and not in the bad way either! Secondly, if you noticed the green box at the bottom of every post has changed too and thats mainly to include the “Leave a Comment” link so that people aren’t confused about how they can leave comments. There have actually been quite a few changes and there are several more changes to come.

Changes to Come
As far as design changes go, most of the design changes have been completed however, Adsense ad positioning is soon going to change and even though the website isn’t going to be in maintenance mode, you may see some of my ads move around so don’t be alarmed. I’m experimenting with ad placement to see what works best for the blog and with the high influx of visitors pouring in on a daily basis, it would only help to see what the best setup is.

A note for those who have linked back to me or added my list on your site, if you don’t see a link back from me please send me an email and I will get that taken care of immediately!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this short update. I have an entertaining post soon to follow. In the mean time, check out the post below and I really hope you can take advantage of the link back chain I have started! Thanks for reading!