Everybody has heard of HP and maybe once in your lifetime, you have owned an HP Printer this means that you generally purchase HP Ink Cartridges. I have an HP Photosmart 7260 Printer and I do need quite a bit of ink. Since my printer is a bit older, I do not like buying ink for it. Why you ask? Because ink costs about $50 for both black and color compared to the $100 i paid for the printer a while ago. Sometimes, it doesn’t seem worth it but buying a new printer inst the best solution either.

So what should you do? Well, have you heard of re-manufactured ink cartridges? Basically, its an easy way to go green and buy ink cartridges that have been cleaned and tested and even repaired, if needed. The cartridges work just fine and cost quite a bit less as well and InnkCartridges.com is a very reliable website to buy your re-manufactured cartridges from. Even if youre not sold on the idea, you can actually buy OEM cartridges from them too and their prices are probably the lowest ive seen around.

Take a look at this comparison
Price I paid at Best Buy for black ink : $24.99
Re manufactured Ink price $11.95
OEM ink cartridge $22.99

And currently, they have 10% off with the coupon code “WINTERTEN” and the prices get even lower! If youre looking for HP Ink Cartridges then you should definitely visit InkCartridges.com