This was an odd review that I was asked to do and I thought you guys would find this interesting. At first, I read it as Host Gator, which is actually a pretty popular hosting company based in Houston, Texas and located only a 20 minute drive away. Well, turns out, its about Host Monster but what this link is, is basically a review of the hosting service – host monster review.

You might wonder why I would be asked to review a review? Well, the basic idea is that theres an affiliate link for Host Monster on the blog and every time someone clicks the link and purchases hosting, the owner makes a certain percentage. Theres nothing wrong with this but that leaves me with barely anything to really review or talk about. Not really too fair, I dont think.

The problem is that when I get review offers like this, I really dont know what to say but I accept them because, well, to be honest, its fairly easy money and secondly this gives me a chance to show you a money making tactic.

Its a great idea, dont get me wrong. EVERYONE does it. John Chow, Shoe Money, they all do it. By having someone do a review of your work though isn’t going to help you much. I think affiliate links are awesome and if you can make money by advertising and promoting them, then why not. I don’t think I’ve made too much money from my affiliate links but it does help quite a bit, specially if youre hosted by the same company.

While I am talking about this, let me say that Host Monster is a good hosting company. They do offer lots of solutions and they are cost-effective – meaning that you get a good bang for your buck. Since this is a review, definitely check out the website and let me know what you think. Also, tell me what you think about having a blog review your review and include an affiliate link. I think its actually very smart but I wonder how effective it really is!