Finally after 2 weeks I was able to get to the reward that my Top Commentator, Nick from RomanDock has won which is a free review on this blog. As you know a review on this blog directly through me costs $20 and you earn a spot on The Wall Of Blogs too and ReviewMe‘s suggested price is $100 so this is a great deal considering that you save 80%! Anyway, now lets get to the 4 sections I will be covering in this review: Design, Content, Pros & Cons and Overall Effectiveness.

Nick has recently gone through a facelift and customized his original theme. Now his theme is a 3-column theme that lays out all the essential content of his blog very effectively. His readers wanted a RSS button in his old layout and he was able to turn the entire thing around when he introduced this really well designed new theme that has closed up all the loose ends his template theme had. First things first, the main eye-catcher is the nice big RSS button which I have always suggested should be located at the top of the page and if you look at the screenshot below you will see that he has done exactly that.


He has integrated MyBlogLog, BlogRush and his statistics very well. What I think is a great touch is that he has included the goals for his stats (seen below) which actually gives his readers a tally whenever they visit his blog to see how well he is progressing. I like the idea that he too has a Make Money section (seen below) and he gives back to some of the supporters of his blog in a section titled “Supporters.”

What I like about Nick is that he takes his readers comments and translates them into effective changes on his blog. Even if it meant changing an entire theme around, he did what he had to do without any excuses or without being lazy and that has really worked to his advantage. He is a newbie blogger just like I am and if some of the newcomers out there are looking for some motivation, then they should definitely check out the amount of time and effort Nick has put into designing his blog.

RomanDock   RomanDock

Nick has always maintained undeniably great content while juggling everything else. When you go to RomanDock Dot Com, you will notice that he does about 1-2 posts a day which is a great way to maintain consistency and have readers coming back. Looking at his post frequency, it makes me look like a slacker over the last 7 days but I will try to get back on track. Anyway, going back to Nick, his blogs main focus is Ham Radio, Computing and Making Money. What started off as making a presence for himself on the internet has turned into a highly popular and upcoming blog.

His blog actually started on his interest for ham radio and he even ran a contest to have people sign up for a ham radio license. Either way, as Nick started to gain more exposure in the blogosphere, he decided that he could add in the Technology and Make Money aspect of blogging as well and he has done that very well. What I like is that his content is always focused and gets the message across easily. His posts are not essays and you can quickly derive important facts and information through quick reading. Its a great blog and I wish Nick more success in the future as I can see RomanDock going places!

1) Great location and size of RSS Button
2) Excellent integration of “Make Money” and “MyBlogLog”
3) Focused and well organized content
4) Great Customization to original theme to suit his needs
5) Very Well Designed Advertise Page

1) This is a small con, but I think that Nick should change the title of “Make Some Money” to just “Make Money” because the word “Some” may not appeal to some people.
2) There is a “find a babysitter” ad at the bottom of Stats and Goals and I think it would be better if he placed that ads under the “Sponsors Section”

Overall Effectiveness
In a few short words I can say that if you haven’t come across RomanDock you definitely should check it out and sign up for Nick’s RSS Feed because he is a committed blogger that delivers excellent content on a daily basis. Overall, I think that Nick is on the right path to success and his blog displays almost every aspect of an upcoming successful blog and I hope to see him at the top sometime in the future. Best of luck Nick!