Security Quiz

If you’re like me then you think you know a little too much about computers. So much that you think your computer is impenetrable by hackers. Recently, Agnitum requested me to do a review for their Security Quiz on ReviewMe and the idea that it was a quiz got my attention very quickly. Before starting to write this review I actually took the quiz myself. I was a little surprised to know that I didn’t even cross the 50% mark scoring only a 14 out of 30. It made me quite depressed to know that I didn’t know as much as I would have though I did but on the other hand it was an eyeopener for me into being more aware. The quiz is very well designed and covers pretty much every aspect of protecting. The questions are worded well and computer terminology is limited for most questions to allow for easy interpretation. Agnitum actually has its own product line of firewalls and security suites and thats why its not surprising that their quiz reflects their knowledge in the area of internet security. I have heard of Agnitum before but never really realized how well designed their software packages were and something a little more surprising was the fact that their software packages were quite reasonably priced. If their marketing would get better then I am sure that Agnitum would be competition to McAfee or Norton Antivirus. All in all, the quiz seemed quite short considering that it only comprised of 15 question and lasted probably 5-6 minutes. Its a good way to see how much you really know about security in order to protect it from harmful viruses and malware. At the end of the quiz it gives you a rating and tells you how well you compare. Go ahead and take the Security Quiz for yourself.