Hey everyone, so I’ve been gone for a while and I just wanted to write you and let you know that I will be changing a few things on the blog. First off, I will be posting more frequently than I have been posting and I’ve already got the plan under way for that. I’ve had a rough couple weeks settling into my schedule that spans from noon to midnight every day resulting in no time for blogging but I’ve decided to dedicate atleast an hour every day to blogging to help keep this blog alive and active. I’ve done it before and I’ll revive it again.

So, today I wanted to talk about bloggers who only see their blog as a money making machine. This happens frequently and we see bloggers who are only trying to pretty much go out there and promote all sorts of products and services just so they can make a quick buck. There is a line between blogging and advertising and some bloggers are forgetting to keep that line in mind. This is how some bloggers are transforming their blogs into money making machines:

1) Newsletter Sign Up Popup Forms - I completely hate these newsletter sign up forms that pop up when you go to your favorite bloggers website. Its as though, if you don’t sign up, you can’t read the content. It becomes annoying even after you sign up for the newsletter and you keep receiving the popup. You really can’t be that desperate to expand your audience and your bottom line by adding the newsletter popups on the main page of your blog.

2) More than 8 125×125 Adspots - Usually having 4-8 Adspots for 125×125 ads is common but when you go ahead and try to expand that into a 12 Adspot sidebar then you’re risking your entire blog audience. Its really not that attractive to have that many ads plus after a while, it gets a bit distracting. Doubling up your income could cause you to lose it all, so you have to decide what you prefer.

3) Poker/Gambling Paid Reviews – I have seen these around lately and I’m not even sure why money making bloggers are associating themselves with gambling paid reviews. I mean, I understand that you can make money from gambling but its definitely not niche related at all. I think that attempting to go for paid reviews about unrelated topics time and time again or going for too many paid reviews at one time could be devastating and doesn’t result in good publicity for you at all.

4) Traveling Ads - I call these ads traveling ads but they’re the thin ads at the top of your blog page that scroll down as you scroll down a page. I find these highly frustrating and although for some small bloggers, it can add around $10 or $20 a month to your income, its definitely not something that I tend to enjoy looking at when I visit your blog.

So, whats the solution you ask? Well, the solution is pretty obvious, keep it simple and visitors will return. If you try to go out there and cover up every inch of your blog with ads, then you’ll be disappointing your loyal readers. Thats not something you want and so you should avoid that. So, I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I have another post coming up that will talk about using an RSS reader so I hope you’re looking forward to that. Thanks again guys!