Are shorter posts better? I thought about this recently when I came across a blog that basically had posts that were only a paragraph long with the occasional long post here and there. Things started running through my head and I thought that with my time constraints, instead of not being able to blog at all, shorter posts may still be appreciated.

The benefits include an easier read, a quicker message and a way to force me to be concise and to the point. Not a bad thought considering I average over 300 words on most of my posts. The question that I have now is, what do my readers think about something like that? Is having a shorter post better than having no post at all or should I save my energy and just do a great post every so often. It essentially allows me to blog more because right now I have already thought about a couple more posts on my mind. Keeping the title of this post in my mind, I’ll end it right here but I would love to hear your thoughts.