I had the opportunity to have a look at and review SiriusBuzz.com for myself after I received an offer from them on ReviewMe. The name itself may give you a clue as to what the website is all about, Sirius Satellite but, thats not all. The website is a comprehensive source of Sirius news that deals with everything from new partnerships to music and yes, the very popular Howard Stern.

So You Ask, Whats The Buzz All About?
Well its quite simple, there really hasn’t been a website that is dedicated strictly towards providing Sirius Satellite Radio based news. Since Sirius has millions of listeners, Sirius Buzz provides them with a website where they get the news that could possibly affect them.


What Kind of Buzz Do They Create?
Well by looking at the front page of the website itself (above), you get an idea of what SiriusBuzz is all about. Its a very clean and professional website. It doesn’t have loud colors or popup ads all over the place, making it very appealing to read. As for the news, its everything Sirius – from the recent news of Jamie Foxx’s Foxxhole Channel to promotions like a free online preview of Howard Stern’s Howard Tv, it seems like SiriusBuzz has all the bases covered.

SiriusBuzz Forum

Whats New at SiriusBuzz?
SiriusBuzz has recently launched their SiriusBuzz Forums (above) which unlike most forums is not only a place to voice your opinion regarding the Sirius Radio Service or Programming but a place where you can advice related to the Sirius hardware and accessories and even help installing your new Sirius radio.

Aside from the new forum, SiriusBuzz is starting up with a contest. The details for the contest are posted here, but basically any new member that registers and participates in the forum will have a chance to win some great prizes.

The prizes are:
1st Place = Sportster 4 Radio with Car Kit
2nd Place = Starmate 4 Radio with Car Kit
3rd Place = $30 Pre-Paid Subscription Card

First Impression is the Best Impression
Overall, I really liked SiriusBuzz and the SiriusBuzz forum. Its a great source of Sirius News that would keep the millions of listeners informed about any type of news, promotions or partnerships that would directly or indirectly affect them. Its also a great resource, in terms of the forum, where members can interact with each other and get help when needed. The design is easy on the eyes and the website is laid out well, making it easy to navigate. All that SiriusBuzz needs now is some diehard fans, so go and check out SiriusBuzz and Sirius Satellite Forums! and dont forget to register on the forums for a chance to win some really great prizes!

This is a paid review by SiriusBuzz.