This is quite interesting, it seems that since last week my spammers are writing pages to an incomplete book. I don’t know how many of you receive SPAM on a daily basis but I see about 1-2 spam comments daily and they started off as one sentence comments but lately they have gotten quite long. Some are in the 2000 word range – thats about 5 pages double spaced! Some of them are even essays warning against smoking tobacco, others such as the one you see in this post is about something beyond my understanding. The best part is, some of the Spam I receive is quite interesting, here is an example of a few:

“Matthew Mcconaughey is SEXY”
“Britney Spears launches new underweer line”
“Conan O’Brain’s hair sprey”

What I like is that some of them are quite funny and the best of all is the spelling is bad enough to give away that a comment is spam. Anyway, just wanted to see if some of you receive mammoth spam comments.

Newman - Sienfeld

Ms. Danielle’s USPS Visit With the Zune
Poor Ms. Danielle was turned back at the US Postal Service Office today when she was denied Priority tape even though she was using Priority Shipping – Weird eh? Well, I told her in a comment thats I have seen some employees being a little protective of USPS supplies. For example, the one time I was shipping an item in a box marked with “eBay” and the representative at the desk questioned whether the box was paid for and was looking at the box as if it was one of the “USPS eBay” boxes. Weird thing is, he still accepted the package but it would have been stupid to be asked to pay for my own box! It reminds me of Newman from “Seinfeld” who was hilarious as he too was very protective of the USPS and his crew of mailmen.