Thank you ZacJohnson
I wanted to start off my speed linking post by thanking Zac Johnson for the many things he has sent me that includes a great t-shirt, NeverBlueAads hat, a few pens and a koozie. I really appreciate it Zac! Thanks again and I will put pictures up when I get the chance. Contest Jet Train
Theres only 10 days left for Prija’s fantastic contest jet train and its about time you got on board to win a great book and be part of one of the first contest jet trains in the blogosphere.

Enkay’s 1GB Video Player Giveaway
Theres only 8 more days left before the contest closes and so you shouldn’t delay because I will be giving away a 1GB Video Player on the morning of August 17th to one lucky winner. Remember, all entrants get a free back link too!

Erik Karey’s: Income Sources Poll
Based on my post earlier today I read that Erik Karey had a similar post on his blog. He actually has a poll showing how people have voted regarding the number of income sources they use.

Best Post Title by Ms. Danielle
A lot of people have said that my “Poison-Me Elmo” title was quite interesting but Ms. Danielle takes the cake with an amazing post title and an ever more informational post! Check it out

Jay’s Post: Valuing Your Blog
After coming across quite a few blog appraisal websites, this post by Jay has a website that does quite a nice job in appraising your blog. Have a look!

Ed Lau & Michael Kwan
Ed Lau and Michael Kwan are giving you the opportunity to win 2 ipods, if you can help them select a name for their new hockey blog. I have already made my domain name suggestion, now hopefully I can win one of those so I too can give it away!

Tyson’s 50 for $50 Link Train Contest
I also wanted to bring attention to Tyson’s contest which ends when 50 entries have been received. So far only 39 spots are left and you have the opportunity to win $50 for posting a link train on your blog! How easy is that? Give it a shot!