Tomorrow, (or by the time you read this – Today) I begin a new part of my life. I start work full time after graduating with my Masters and Bachelors from the University of Houston. I actually start with a company I really love and I start with the work that I can really picture myself doing and I am fortunate to have the opportunity and the amazing job to make all my efforts worthwhile.

It seems like not too long ago, I started high school, a bit worried about what the future may bring about. Then started working on my Bachelors as a freshman just wandering around campus the first day thinking about where my next class will be or how long it might take me between classes to get to where I need to be. Carrying a map of the campus around in my hand as I stare off into “la la land”.

Then graduating with my Bachelors in Accounting and proceeding to complete my Masters in Accounting within one year. That was an entirely new process because I was more comfortable than ever, seeing I did my Masters at the same school, and I felt like I was finally really achieving something I wanted to achieve.

I know that I’ve had the opportunity and realize that a lot of people don’t really get that opportunity and I wonder what it’s like. I realize its their life and all, but still, it brings about a question in my mind.

Recently, when I was visiting Nick Throlson’s blog, I went to his About page to read a bit more about him. I was amazed at what he’s done and I wanted to actually congratulate him because he’s decided to take his future in his own hands by going back to school and doing his Undergrad in Computer Information Systems.

Stories like Nick’s are great to come across and I always wonder what that FIRST day at a REAL job felt like. I know many of you have your experiences and I’d love to hear them and hopefully after my first day tomorrow, I’ll be able to share with you guys how my first day was.