I’m sorry to those of you who I have disappointed with my lack of blogging but I am more than glad to say that I am finally back for good. School has started back up again and my internship has finally ended. I look forward to get back to blogging and I have already noticed that several other bloggers had also taken a little break and Im not sure what their reasoning was but it does help to know that it wasn’t just me as I had expected.

Now that things are a bit settled, let me start out by saying hello to a few good friends from the past.

RomanDock – I realize that Nick hasn’t posted in a while and its crazy for me to even think about the fact that Nick isn’t blogging as he once used to. Nick was one of the first readers of my blog over 2 years ago and even though we never really met personally, it was always refreshing to see his comments on my blog. If you see this Nick, you need to come back to blogging, if not, atleast stop by whenever you can and say hello!

Balkhis – Syed had slowed down in the middle with the blogging but he seems to be going strong at it still. Syed has a very successful design company and so slowing down on the blogging might be helping him focus on his design company.

MelvinBlog – Melvin has been a good contributor at the blog and its good to see that he is still going strong with his posts. I really wish that I had the time to devote to my blog as Melvin has been able to do so successfully. I really have a lot to learn from Melvin because of his ability to continue to put out such great content time and time again.

Normal Joe – Normal Joe cannot be stopped. That was my opinion months ago and that is my opinion today. I don’t know if I’m day dreaming or mistaken but I did think that Joe did slow down a bit a month or two ago but he is back up there giving the big guys a hard time!

The Net Fool – Jim over at The Net Fool has also been able to put out good content. There were some slow spots but things have still been on the upside for him and thats good to see. Jim is a student, just as I am, so its good to see that level of output even with all the responsibilities he has.

Saying Hello!
So, I’ve decided to say hello to some of my other blogger friends:
Ben Pei over at Pei Profit
Dina over at Market Leverage
Eric Schechter over at Clickbooth
Franklin Bishop over at FranklinBishop
Abhijeet over at Life is Colourful
ZK over at WebTrafficROI
Tina McAllister over at TinaMcAllister
Freddie Taylor over at FreddieTaylor
Paul Briggs over at SlyVisions
BetShopBoy over at BetShopBoy
John Chow over at JohnChow
Jason over at DatMoney

So, Just wanted to say hello to everyone and see how you all are doing. If I forget you, I apologize. I tried to remember everyone from memory and after a couple months of hiatus, it does get a bit difficult. I hope to be able to give you guys a lot of cool and great articles time and time again and hopefully a few surprises as time goes on too! Have a great rest of the week, its already Wednesday!