Hey guys, this is just a friendly reminder to submit your video tips or written tips to me regarding affiliate marketing for the Market Leverage Affiliate Tips Contest. This is your shot at some really great prizes including either a Flip Mino HD or an Apple iPod, an Amazon Kindle, $100 Rewards Card and a $50 iTunes gift card.

I know that I havent posted in 15 days and thats a very very long time but I’m back. School has kept me from blogging but this is my last year for my undergraduate before I graduate and I am happy to announce that I scored a perfect 4.0 this semester as well. This makes it my 7th consecutive semester for being on the deans list. In other words, since I was a freshman, Ive been on the deans list every single semester. My overall GPA is beyond a 3.92 and that means when I graduate, I’ll be graduating with Summa Cum Laude which is the highest honor for a graduate. So thats some good news for all my efforts :)

Now, getting back to the contest at hand, theres no special requirement for these tips but just like most things I’ll be looking for certain things and although some of you have submitted your tips, you shouldnt think that this post affects you because this is just for tips in general and not specific to the contest, so no worries. Keeping that in mind, when we give tips to someone there are a few things that we need to keep a track of in order for the tip to be a good tip and I’m here to tell you a few characteristics of a good tip:

1) Effective – this means that the tip can actually be implemented by the person who received it. Effective is how well the tip works. For example, if someone asks me for help regarding an issue with their computer, a non-effective tip would be something that makes matters more complicated such as a long method to come to a solution. An effective tip would be one that allows the person who receives the tip to implement it, its simple and works faster than other methods.

2) Useful – A useful tip is one that actually makes sense and works. A tip is not a tip until it is actually of some use. Thats like giving wrong directions when youre asked for directions, it doesn’t help. A good tip is one that actually helps the person that receives it and is one that works well. This is quite important because this usually makes or breaks a good tip.

3) Comprehensible – A tip thats comprehensible is one thats understandable. No matter how good or bad a tip is, if the user cannot understand it, then its of no use. You need a tip to be effective, useful and most of all, something that the user can understand so that they can actually put it use. So, make sure that if you give someone a tip that someone who has little or no knowledge about the subject matter can still understand your point.

So hopefully this post has been useful to you guys. I know that time and time again, bloggers are asked for helps and their input on certain matters and this list can apply to those sorts of things as well. Once again, Im sorry for keeping you guys waiting for that long but now I’m back. Schools out and I’m back now. Hope you guys have been good over my break and if I havent heard from you, lemme know how you guys are doing. Also, if you havent entered the contest as yet, please be sure to enter it before the end of the month! Happy Holidays everyone!