Well, the second edition of the Female Blogger List has just been updated and now has around 86 female bloggers. I wasn’t able to get some of the Alexa updates in but they will be updated by the next go around. Its really difficult to put together a list specially if you really haven’t figured out how to get data directly from Alexa and Technorati but I will be working on that in the coming week and that would allow for the updates to be made automatically to the list so that the list is updated more frequently.

I hope that you like the list and a big thank you to Nick who helped me find quite a few problems with the first list. The algorithm has been adjusted more and so hopefully some of those problems should have disappeared by now. Ofcourse, some problems may still persist but this is still in a work in progress so in the upcoming weeks those issues should also be resolved. So please have a look and if you know someone that is on the list, do let them know and ask them to blog about it since the list has received attention but not as much as I would expect considering quite a few of the bloggers don’t even know that they are on such a list! Once again, thank you to all who have supported me!