Everybody knows who Abdalla Ahmed is, he is the genius behind Sweethacks.com. If you haven’t heard of it, then you have’nt been around the blogosphere yet or you have just been a little lazy to do so. Abdalla is a Chemical Engineering student from UK and his blog Sweethacks talks about technology. Abdalla’s blog recently crossed the 100 feed reader mark and has quickly moved up to over a 130 readers which is a great accomplishment for any blogger. All in all, this is a technology blog so lets take a look at the different aspects of his blog:


First of all, he has switched to a nice new magazine style theme called Revolution and has taken it to the next level by customizing it. Once you browse over to the website it is clearly visible that he has branded it with a great logo setting it apart from others who may be using the same premium theme. Secondly, he has placed two RSS buttons. One is located in the header but is quite small but there is another sidebar widget that displays a button, a feed ticker as well as an email subscription form. The idea of locating the RSS buttons at the top has been a big issue for most websites and that is why I reiterate it during all my reviews but Abdalla has done a good job in that department.

Furthermore, I like that he has incorporated videos into his blog in the manner that he has. You have some really great articles in the middle, a video right next to it followed by product reviews below it. I think that if you have always wanted the Magazine style theme then you need to check out Sweethacks because most people usually get a magazine style theme but their blogs do not fit into that category but this one surely does. I like that the Google Adsense adblock is integrated the way it is because at first, you really do not notice it. He also has a nice header ad which is a great location for that ad because it doesn’t bother you.

As far as content goes, Abdalla always has had some really good posts and the way he writes the posts makes it entertaining. I really like their review posts such as the one about the USB Missile Launcher which I have wanted to get for quite a while now. Their post that talked about a t-shirt able to detect wifi signals was also quite interesting to me. His style of writing is different from what you see and thats mainly because apart from being informational Abdalla puts personality and humor into most of his articles which makes it that much better for his readers. I really don’t see any suggestions in the content area as far as his posts go. I have to also mention that he has a Make Money page which is a good resource for those of you who like making money online.

- great content with excellent integration of personality and humor
- good placement of RSS ad
- really nicely customized revolution magazine theme
- nice inclusion of videos along with posts
- the categories are neatly organized and do not overlap
- an about us page that tells us about the author but I would like to see a picture too

- I think that under the “Our Friends” sidebar widget, there needs to be a little rearrangement in the sense that one of the banners needs to be spaced and moved to another spot. Below is a visual that describes that change. The reason to move that is so that people will notice it more since there are two black banners followed by another black banner. If the ads are moved, it will create a color break making it better for the advertisers.


- I also believe that eNews & Updates needs to be changed to RSS and Email Subscription so that it is easier for readers to follow.
- Secondly, I believe that more of the daily updates need to be added to the Featured section but it all depends on the subject matter of the daily updates. If they do not match, then the Featured section works well as it is.

So that wraps up my review of Sweethacks and I want to thank Abdalla for this opportunity. For those of you interesting in buying some adspace, definitely check out his Advertise page as he has some really good prices on banners, rss and text link ads as well as reviews.