So, how many times has it happened that you received a DVD from Aunt Elma and you didn’t even like the movie? or the time Uncle Eddy gave you a game that you already had? Well, if you’ve ever been stuck like chuck, there’s a solution out there that can help you out. Recently, SwitchPlanet.com requested me to Review them through ReviewMe. I looked at their website and discovered that it was a pretty neat idea. So lets see how it works; basically, if you have a Game, DVD, Book or a CD that you don’t really use anymore then you can create an account at SwitchPlanet and make it “Available” for a switch. Sooner or later as someone is willing to get what you have then they can request a trade. Then it’s your turn, you can request something that you want from a member. Now, I’m guessing you must be wondering how much this costs? It might surprise you to find out that it’s absolutely free. Other than the cost of postage the website doesn’t charge any types of fees or anything of that sort. Best of all, the website provides a 100% guarantee on all switches from the sender and receiver side. Overall, its a great website. The design was nice and the advertisements aren’t intrusive to the browsing experience! Now you won’t have to worry about getting stuck with a DVD, Game, Book or CD that you never really wanted in the first place. Once you’ve played that game or read that book more than you’d like, you can find someone who may be interested and trade with them, its that simple! Check it out!