Everyone here knows b5media.com which is backed by our very own Darren Rowse also known as Problogger. Well, its now time to introduce b5 Network which is a very professionally designed blog and they talk about tech, gadgets and as they call it “weird things”. Now, I have to agree that at first I believed that B5 Network was part of B5 Media but that is not the case. B5 Network is not affiliated with B5 Media and still seems like a good blog.

The basic concept of B5 Network is to cover everything related with gadgets and they do showcase some interesting products that I have not come across before. It seems to be a newly established blog because their Alexa isn’t high enough and neither is the amount of subscribers they have but they do offer some good content. The only downside of the B5 Network is that although they have some good posts, there is too much of a gap between posting, meaning that their post frequency is quite low. The last post on their blog is from the second week of November. They seem to get 3-4 posts a month and that may not be enough for them to sustain their blog. I think that B5 Network can go places if they are able to do a few things:

– increase post frequency
– clean up the design with something a little more appealing
– add an about us page so people arent misled into believe that they are part of B5 Media
– capitalize on the fact that they own a great domain name

I think it is all a matter of time before the people behind B5 Network will begin to realize that they can be successful online if they put the effort into it!