AAA & GE Motor Club

First of all, sorry for not posting as much as I usually do, but I have reasons for not doing so. First, the battery in my car had died today and I was stranded for about 3 hours. Second, my neighbor’s son (who is two years old) had locked himself inside the house and obviously, his child was terrified. Its no excuse, but I felt I should explain myself. As far as the battery in my car goes, I was highly disappointed in my Roadside Assistance Program.

GE Motor Club Review
I used to be a member of AAA but due to the lack of use I decided to switch to a new provider through Sams Club called “GE Motor Club”. I figured GE is a good brand and so their roadside assistance shouldn’t be that bad either. I signed up for their program about a few months ago and it was cheaper than AAA and it offered better towing services. I should have figured that GE isn’t in the automotive care business to begin with but, I took the chance based on their highly valued brand. Anyway, I was at the 24 Hour Fitness near my house and I came out and tried to start the car and nothing happened. I tried again and still, nothing! I figured it was the battery because the windows were not going down either. Basically, all I needed was someone to jump start my car. I figured I had this service so might as well use it, right? So I called the Roadside Assistance and was directed to a representative quickly. She asked me for my member number and put me on hold for about 10 minutes. She came back and said she couldn’t find it. She asked for my name and put me on hold. This time though, she never came back and disconnected after leaving me on hold for another 15 minutes. I thought great! a waste of a good 30 minutes that I could have spent blogging ;) ! Well, I was persistent so I called again. This time the lady kept me on hold for about 10 minutes and finally started to take down details regarding my location and vehicle. She contacted a dispatcher and told me that in about an hour, someone will be down there. I said “one hour? thats ridiculous” and she calmly replied, “well, thats standard wait time for roadside assistance”. I already had my dad on the way and even he got there faster than roadside assistance. Anyway, my dad helped my jump start my car and we decided to go to AutoZone. Before I was on my way, I called GE’s Motor Club and told them to cancel the dispatch service that was requested. About 20 minutes later I received a call from the dispatcher saying that he had just finished up a job and that he would be there in about another 30 minutes. I told him the service wasn’t needed anymore and that was that! At the end of the day, I realized that its best to go back to AAA. They were a bit more expensive than the GE Motor Club but they have always been at my doorstep within 15 minutes regardless of where I was stranded. Either way, I got to “test drive” the GE Motor Club first hand to was able to give you guys feedback. So far, it wasnt a pleasant experience.

I would talk about the issue regarding my neighbor’s son but it really doesn’t have much to do with the theme of this blog. Recently on a post at OnlineOpportunity, Jay talked about staying on topic and not to indulge in off-topic posts and to maintain the focus of your blog. I wouldnt have even talked about the GE Motor Club but it does fall into the “Cars” category so I figured it would be a worthwhile read. I also have another post all planned out in my mind that I need to put down on paper. I hope you guys had a great day and let me know what some of your experiences have been with roadside assistance services!