Today the Dutch Royal Couple was in the news because they apparently went with the idea that altering a Wikipedia article to make the Prince look good. The Prince, Johan Friso, and Princess Mabel of Oranje-Nassau stepped up to the plate in saying that they were the individual behind the recent edits. So lets take a look at how the two played a little “editing” on Wikipedia.

It all started when the Prime Minister, Jan Peter Balkenende, rejected the Prince marrying the Princess because of prior romantic connection with a druglord in her college years. Obviously, the Princess denied that claim but later agreed that she did know him. The Prince had the choice of succession to the throne or marrying the Princess and at the time, he decided to go with marriage which took place in 2004.

Obviously, this was a shameful event for the Dutch Royal family and to try to help soften the blow, the Wikipedia article was edited. A U.S. graduate actually developed what is known as the Wikiscanner that tracks the source of the editing that takes place on Wikipedia and in this case the source was Huis ten Bosch, which is the Royal Palace in The Hague. Interestingly enough, the couple decided to remove the words “and false” from a statement on the Princesses’ Wikipedia page that previously read as follows:

Previously known as Wisse Smit, it was said that the Princess “gave misleading and false information” to the Prime Minister, Balkenende

You could see how removing the worlds “and false” makes her look so much better in the eyes of the public! In any case, they actually weren’t charged with anything mainly because it isn’t illegal to do so, but it is poor etiquette! Hows that for a little Royal Wikipedia editing job?

I wonder how many of you have actually edited Wikipedia considering that I have edited my Grandfather’s page since it had a lot of misspellings!

Source: IHT