No, I’m not being lazy but I came across some great posts in the past two weeks and I wanted to blog about them. I realize that I’ve mentioned lots of posts in previous blog posts but these I never really got to mention so I decided to blog about it.

First and foremost, my friend Syed Balkhi from has written an excellent ebook about how to design your own Magazine Style wordpress theme. Its a really great ebook and you can visit his post here to download it or you can click here. You definitely should check it out and its a well written eBook.

Michael Kwan from Beyond The Rhetoric had written a post last week that I wasn’t able to mention about female bloggers that was inspired from my Top 100 List so I wanted you guys to check that out too.

Stephen Fung had posted a video last week about a guy eating while riding a scooter but now he has a video on there which I saw on Gizmodo I believe but its a guy thats texting while riding his bike on the highway. Quite interesting and unsafe, have a look!

Ms. Danielle is back from Japan and has a nice little post with pictures of little cars that she saw while she was there. I’m a car guy as many of you know so this post was interesting to me plus it had pictures so why not right?

Max or Mattaw as he is more popularly known from has a great post called “Get A Schedule“. The reasoning im linking this is because having a schedule is a great idea for any blogger and plus its in a list format which is the way I do most of my posts so its a great read!

Last but not least, as much as I have talked about the great shirt Market Leverage has given me, I wanted to get a picture of me in it so I decided to make it a special treat for you guys and used it to promote my contest that is also sponsored by Market Leverage (go figure!). Anyway, I had to cut off the bottom portion as the sleeves are a bit big but its a great shirt and ofcourse, a company made up of excellent people.