Heres another one of the weekly roundup posts but this time I’m going to mix in some competitions while we’re at it too. So lets take a look:

Derek Semmler – Derek has contributed greatly to this blog and recently when I was looking over his blog, I saw a post that said that I was listed at #5 in the Top 10 Websites that send him the most traffic. Aside from that fact, Derek has an AMAZING contest going on. If you’re a blogger then attending the BlogWorldExpo is like reaching utopia but then again, those things aren’t free. They cost $300 but Derek is going to give away a free pass to BlogWorldExpo if you write a post about why you should be a speaker at BlogWorld and he will pick one winner, based on the how good the response was. This contest ends August 6th and if you’ve been wanting to go and the $300 price tag was slowing you down, you should definitely give this a shot.

John Chow – has a contest along with Bic Pens that ends really soon at the end of this month and I hope to score another one of those Flip Cameras because I know it will come in handy :)

TheNetFool - Jim has a really great post asking whether Page Rank does a good job in accurately judging a websites popularity. He includes an extensive list (which has always been a +1 for me) of blogs and their PR and his opinion as to whether they are overvalued, appropriate or undervalued. Its a great post that you should check out.

Balkhis – Syed’s most recent post about his day long trip wearing his Market Leverage strikes a familiar chord. I’ve been wearing the golf shirt Market Leverage sent me and I really like it even if its a little bit on the large side. I think its obvious that Syed and I really appreciate the shirts considering people ask us about it all the time. Aside from that, Syed’s ebook “How To Make A Magazine Style Theme In WordPress” has been downloaded over 2000 times already so you should check it out if you haven’t already.

Market Leverage Walks – Debby Phillips and Jen Fluker from Market Leverage are walking 60 miles for breast cancer together with the Affiliate Marketers Give Back group. They have a goal to raise $45,000 and are currently at a little over $29,100. Market Leverage is matching every dollar that is donated towards this great cause. If you would like to show them some support, please consider donating by using Debby’s Donation Link or Jen’s Donation Link.

So that wraps up this week’s blog roundup and I hope to see many more articles come up in the following days so that I can enjoy them and blog about it so that my readers can check them out also. Thanks again for stopping by! Remember, my Market Leverage contest ends within a week so sign up if you haven’t!