Everyone knows I love cars so when I read about The Car Connection wanting me to do a short review about Nissan, I thought why not give it a shot. Nissan has progressed effortlessly in the more economical and reliable car market and has done quite well amongst the likes of Toyota and Honda.

Their most recent Nissan Altima redesign has been so successful that it seems as though every other car that I lay eyes on is a Nissan Altima. Their racing enthusiasts also got a buzz this year when the Nissan GTR made its premiere this year and has done extremely well and is also built like a rock. Ive had the pleasure of driving a GTR and I must say that its build quality and drive quality is in comparison to cars in the over $100,000 range which Nissan is able to offer in the 70-80,000 range.

The Car Connection on the other hand has great expert reviews. I am an amateur when it comes to the expert reviews and I would suggest that you check out their websites. I am a big fan of comparing my thoughts against others and I can get that done at the Car Connection by reading reviews from experts as well as getting pictures and specs and reviews about the car. I think you should check out The Car Connection!