Well folks, some of you got to see an early preview of the theme update and I am happy to announce that the theme update was completely successfully a few moments ago. Usually when I work on the site, I set up my Maintenance Mode plug-in but this time around I had actually set up my entire WordPress blog as a test site on my new host.

Thankfully, everything went smoothly and the integration of the new theme update wasn’t difficult at all. It took approximately 22 hours to design the graphics and to make sure everything was working perfectly on the test site before it went live on the actual site. I hope you like the new design and your comments are highly appreciated. As for now, I will see how much people like or dislike the theme and depending upon that reverting back to the original will not be a problem either. On the flip side, I really hope you guys DO like the new theme.

Many of you have asked me what was the original theme that I used and in response, I would like to say that the theme is called Vertigo Enhanced 3-Column and it is still being used on the site however, it has undergone several upgrades since it was first introduced on the blog. Some of you have also brought up the idea as to why I was doing a theme update. Basically like I stated before, its mostly to expand upon the space that I previously had but never fully used. As time has passed, I realized that expanding one of the columns was necessary to make room for plug-ins and advertising alike. Certainly, the new theme update expands the column on the extreme right by about 35 pixels and this will now allow me to have two 125×125 pixel ads side by the side. Similarly, it also allows me to clean up the space and make it a little more presentable!

So, once again, Welcome to the new theme and tell me how you like it! Thanks again to those who commented on my earlier post asking for your opinion. I highly appreciate your comments and I hope you have noticed that I have taken many of those into account! Thanks again guys!