This is the official release of that I had talked about before. There was a pre-release for a selected few individuals who comment on the website and have been a great help to me and since this is a time stamped post, I don’t know how many have sold but I am sure that these will knock out pretty quick. As you all know, you can purchase a 125×125 Adblock for only $5. There is no limit to how many you purchase, so if you find 4 that are together, you can make it a big square and purchase a 250×250 square. The price of the adblock will always be at $5 and the fact that the adblocks are bigger than most other sites like this one, it makes them easily noticeable no matter where it is located.

Secondly, some people ask, what the benefit is of being located on the wall and the answer is simple. You get to be a part of blogging history by being on the first Wall of Blogs, you get traffic ofcourse, a link back from yours truly and heres the big one….drum roll please.. the chance to win $1000 in cash prizes! The way this works is that as soon as the first 500 spots are filled, I will give away $500 to one lucky winner and then as soon as the remaining 500 spots are filled, I will give away another $500 which totals up to $1000 in cold hard cash! You can use the $500 to buy anything, even botox treatments if you’d like! Anyway, so check out the Wall Of Blogs and go ahead and save yourself a spot for only 5 bucks! It can’t get any cheaper than this! Thank you all for your help and I hope to see you on the wall! Check out The Wall Of Blogs!