As most of you know, we are currently dealing with high gas prices not only in the United States but all over the world. Gas prices have been rising and so have the cost of other foods and goods as a result but what I fail to understand is what could be the cause of this. Well, I look around and most of what I see is large trucks, large SUV’s and just one person inside the vehicle. I know that I live in Texas and that everything is big in texas, but do you really need the car below to haul a single person around in?

I saw this outside the Barnes and Noble and I noticed a lady get out of this vehicle by herself. I’m sure she has a use for a truck like this otherwise she wouldn’t get it right? Well, most probably thats wrong. It seems as though a lot of people are driving around large SUV’s mainly because they’re getting a better deal on them. A somewhat stupid way to justify burning twice as much fuel but whatever floats your boat. Either way, I saw this car and the lady getting out of it and I just had to take a picture because it sure is as large as it looks in the picture. I’m sure I could part two Mini’s back to back to make up the length of this car. Hope you like the picture!