So I have been somewhat busy lately with school but I have tried to be active through Twitter and such and have done pretty well in terms of gaining new followers and even finding a lot more new people to follow. Today, I actually was able to put together a sample list of the Top Bloggers on Twitter. As I mentioned last week, you can follow @top100bloggers and I will add you to the list. The problem is that there were a lot of non-bloggers and advertisers that joined in so I had to do a little bit of cleaning up to come up with this sample.

Top 15 Bloggers on Twitter

The sample list is Top 15 bloggers on Twitter and you can see it in action below. Also, something to note is that the list is sortable and so you can display the results by the column you wish to see. I can tell you that your activity level (number of tweets) makes a big difference. Along with that the number of followers you have also makes a big difference. I didn’t weigh the number of people you follow as heavily because sometimes that can skew results. The idea is that if you’re popular enough, a lot of people will follow you instead of you following them. This can work against you and for you but I also had an algorithm to calculate the ratio of twitter followers to people you follow to generate the list below. Let me know what you think:

RankTwitter UsernameBlogFollowingFollowersTweets
2@bluefurBlue Fur525485116714421
4@johnchowJohn Chow116478427805
5@bloggingTipsBlogging Tips1198614155429
6@smartbloggerzSmart Bloggerz80379940982
8@iphoneincanadaiPhone in Canada117829747159
9@clickboothClick Booth25714817714
11@marketleverageMarket Leverage118225891177
12@mldinaMarket Leverage46611423088
13@gerri50Ninety Nine Ways781740309
14@thenetfoolThe Net Fool648425104
15@enkayblogEnkay Blog466356166

How Can You Make The List?
Its pretty easy, all you have to do is follow @top100bloggers and I will go through and personally verify which users are actual bloggers and which ones aren’t. Also, hopefully sometime this week I will start following only those people who are bloggers so it will help make the generation of the list better. Right now, I’m having a freelance coder try and code me a script to be able to do this through a back-end database so we will see how that goes.

Finding Cheap WebHosting

Right now I use and I am very satisfied but lately I’ve been looking to find a webhost that will allow me to just the space to just test scripts and blog themes because sometimes what happens is that I do not want to have my databases inter-mingled during the process. This has happened once before where my WordPress database and my Test Blog that was also run by WordPress got mixed up and created havoc. I looked through a lot of websites and although 4CheapWebHosting was helpful, I still am on the quest to find a webhost willing to provide me with some space. The good thing is though, that I don’t need it to be a top-level domain name so if you have any suggestions, do let me know.

I Want To Host A Contest

My past contests have been great and I have been wanting to host a contest. I already have some things in mind so if you would like to host a contest on the blog that incorporates Twitter or even one that doesn’t incorporate Twitter, do let me know. If nothing comes up, then I will sponsor the prizes myself but as most bloggers would say, that would be the last resort!

Hope everyone is having a good week so far. Tomorrow is Friday! so, TGIF! Follow me on Twitter @enkayblog if you aren’t already and I hope to catch you around with my next post!