So, I’m finally back. Aside from all the things that have been going on lately there have been some positive things that have been happening. I may have some really interesting announcements to make soon but lets get to what I want to talk about today.

Before I get into my favorite links, I want to say a special welcome back to Nick from RomanDock who has always provided Enkay Blog with some great comments so its good to see him back. Also, my buddy Joe over at ImWithJoe mentioned me in his video and I really appreciate that. You should check him out.

1) Freddie Taylor – Freddie has some great Quotes of the week and in his most recent post he had a very inspirational quote that I think is important for every struggling or new blogger to understand. Its very inspirational and motivating to a certain extent so please check it out.

2) Linkers Blog – Danny has discussed an important topic which is whether Technorati is a good measure of popularity. We all know that to a certain extent we believe in Alexa and Technorati but he talks about whether or not, Technorati is a good measure of link popularity and its an interesting post.

3) Balkhis – Syed posted a nice tutorial about how you can get your feedburner subscriber count to show up as text instead of the little ticker. This could be useful if you want to integrate it more into your design and match the color scheme of your blog. Such posts really shows off his knowledge about the subject and is very appreciated by a lot of people

4) The Net Fool - The Net Fool posted his income report which I really like because its inspirational to many bloggers to have them try harder. I know exactly how he feels with juggling school and the blog and so I wanted to link back to him. Look at his numbers, you’ll be impressed!

5) Aff Boom – Wayne is a new reader to the blog but his most recent post about no cost affiliate tools really got my attention. I am new to affiliate marketing and so I think this can be helpful to those who are looking to learn a bit more without too much of an investment. I know many of us rather have no investment at all but still, this is a very informative post.

So, hopefully you guys are doing well. I plan on doing some link love in a good number of my posts from now on so if you’ve come across a post that you like, let me know, even if its your own! Hope you guys have a great rest of the week!