I remember reviewing Thoughts.com a long time ago in July when I had accepted an offer through Sponsored Reviews. I was excited to see that they had requested a review through ReviewMe from me. Aside from having a really great domain name, Thoughts.com offers quite a few features. It essentially allows visitors to create a free blog or journal and have it hosted on thoughts.com. It also allows users to upload pictures, videos and chat amongst each other. There is no limit on bandwidth so you can have as many readers as you want.

They also have monthly and annual contests and this years the winners got a Vegas getaway! Thats a pretty sweet contest, I have to say. Appearance wise, Thoughts.com hasn’t change but definitely needs to liven up a little bit. Theres a little too much blue in everything but hey, if you like blue, then this is going to work for you. Another thing that I liked is that Thoughts.com may be more targeted towards the youth but they include a nice news widget in their website that helps bring news to its users.

Nowadays, most teens get their news online and if they are using Thoughts.com then that is one more place where they can get their news and relevant news too! Aside from that, there is a video feature and it is quite similar to Youtube’s player. They also have a search engine that combines Yahoo, Google and MSN which is pretty interesting and their news section is actually quite impressive. They also have a charity page listing their favorite charity, which I think is a great concept and I commend them for that. Overall, I am impressed by Thoughts.com yet again and I really hope that they see success in the future!