About 11 days ago I got accepted into TTZ Media and decided to integrate the ads immediately into the blog. I added them at the bottom of the post because those seem to be a good place as it has helped generate a lot of clicks for my Google ads. The difference between Adsense and TTZMedia is that TTZ Media pays 15 cents per click whereas Adsense pays a varying amount per click. Either way, I was excited to see how well TTZMedia was doing.

Unforunately after 10 days it earned only $.60 or 60 cents. Compared to the first 10 days of this month with Google Adsense this amount is not even close, considering the fact that I made $10.73 in those 10 days. Ever since I have removed the Adsense ads, I have seen a tremendous drop in earnings as Adsense earnings dropped to $.60 as well in those 10 days. Comparing the earnings of TTZMedia to Google Ads, there is approximately a 640% drop in earnings and this is enough for me to change my mind about the ads.

All this means is that I will be reverting back to the Adsense ads as they seem to perform a lot better. I had better expectations from the TTZMedia Ads and please do not misunderstand this as “bashing” because its not. The results were unsatisfactory to me and I’m going to have to hook up with Adsense again! For those of you who have installed the TTZMedia ads, how have they been performing for you?