After reading the comments on yesterday’s post I realized that many of us are on a tight schedule whether its school, work or our online endeavors and come to think about it, if it wasn’t for the time stamp feature in WordPress, I’d be completely lost. Let me talk a little about what timestamping can do for you.

When Do I Use Timestamps?

I usually use timestamps when I want a post released at a time when i think that the most readers will be able to see it. If you notice most of my posts are released between 10pm and 2am central time because I feel that the most people will have access to it during that time.

How Does It Work?
The way timestamping works, for those of you who dont know, is that you can actually pick a day, month, time and even year (for the extremely lazy) when you want to publish a post. This allows bloggers like myself to write a post and schedule it for a certain day and time. Most of the times though, the post you see is the one I’ve written early on in the day and not something from a few days ago. My material is FRESH but frozen until a certain time when its defrosted and served.

I wonder though, how many of you really use timestamp to schedule posts days ahead of time? I wonder if its really as effective, I mean if its a general post, it makes sense because your readers may not know but what if you write a “This Week In Blog” type post and you timestamp it, does it make a difference?

If you’re wondering what kinds of posts you can timestamp, then here is a little guide:

1) Timeless posts - This covers pretty much all types of posts that you may have whether its advice or tips but these don’t include posts such as case studies or anything of that sort which may not be as interesting if its timestamped for too long.

2) Reviews – A lot of us write reviews and I have a review being published in a week but a review can be timestamped if a certain date has been decided for it. If you haven’t picked a date as yet then you cannot timestamp it since the advertiser may want you to mention some things that have a time limit on it.

Posts you cannot time stamp:

1) Contest posts – you want to get these out as soon as possible. This is when you blog about someone else’s contest. Holding off until the last minute to post makes it a bit suspicious specially if youre a regular reader. If you’re a new reader then its okay but don’t timestamp your contest posts because it can make you look bad unless you post it quite a bit in advance of the contest ending.

2) Special Offers – Sometimes advertisers (paid reviews) or good deals come around that have a time limit such as the first 100 people to sign up or until a certain date and time stamping those posts until a later day could result in the deal expiring. This could make the advertiser very unhappy or your readers unhappy for not being timely in letting them know about a good deal. Make sure that your timestamp isn’t cutting it really close with these.

Theres lots of other types of posts that you can and cannot timestamp but going back to my question. Who really uses timestamp beyond one or two days? I wonder if that demographic is larger than I think. Let me know! Have a good weekend guys!