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I havent done a lot of software reviews through ReviewMe but when I was requested by Dextronet to do a review of their To-do list software, I immediately accepted. I have never had the chance to use Microsoft Outlook until recently and I liked the “Tasks” feature but then again, you can’t do as much with Outlook as you can with the To-do list software seen here. This software will allow you to create to-do lists that help maximize your productivity and because of its reminder feature you will never forget to do another task again. Like outlook, it lets you set up your tasks by priority and you can organize the tasks by subject or due date or the type of task it is. You can actually set up multiple lists and that allows you to drag and drop tasks from one to-do list to another. You can write notes for each tasks, filter tasks and even print them to take them along with you.
I actually downloaded the software and tried it for myself and it worked quite well. Users will like the graphical layout of the software that makes it easy to use and of course its a software that we all could make great use of. It actually will help you stay on course and remind you just in time, in case you’ve forgotten. Its also priced very reasonably making it a great alternative to some of the other bundled software packages. So if you haven’t already checked it out, please check out the To-do List Software.