Well, its actually time to put together the list for Top 50 Female Bloggers. I started with 50 and will expand to 100 if there are a lot more female bloggers than I expected. The female bloggers will be ranked based on their Google Page Rank, their Alexa Rank and their Technorati ranking. The list will be updated on a weekly basis as Alexa and Technorati will be updated but so will the actual rankings themselves. The way to apply is pretty simple, You can do one of two things:

Method 1 - The first method would be to leave a comment on this post with the URL of the blog and that would allow me to go through it and validate it and get the information down. You can give me a reason why you are picking someone or yourself but its not required.

Method 2 - The second method would be to send me an email at enkayblog (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know the URL of the blog again. Once again, you can tell me why someone deserves to be on there but its not required.

What Do You Get?
Well, first off you get to be on an elite list of the FIRST Top 50 list of female bloggers. There have been a lot of Top lists out there but this one is dedicated specially for the ladies. So get your entries in. I will be hoping to see the spots fill up soon and ofcourse, if I get more applications then I will expand the list. You also get a free link back from me because the list will be a page on this blog. That means you get a link back from a Blog that has a Technorati of 16,000 and an Alexa under 100k! That should be incentive enough! Also, I would hope that once the list is published that the people would blog about it and thereby bring more attention to it. So, lets start bringing in the submissions!