Well apparently it is possible. How would it feel to be the proud parents of twins when you actually only gave birth to one. A coupe from California did so after spending more than 10 years trying to have a second child. Amy Bernaba turned to her family friend to be a surrogate mother after 14 unsuccessful cycles of in-vitro fertilization. Her friend, Tori Keay, is a mother of six children and agreed to do so in a “way of saying thank you for my healthy pregnancies”. The dcotor, Michael Vermesh, transferred embryos into both Tori and Amy in hopes of doubling the changes of pregnancy and to his surprise and everyone else’s they both got pregnant. It was pretty much a shock for Doctor Vermesh and according to him he says he “cannot remember if I was crying with them, with joy or just simply, paralyzed”. George and Amy Bernaba are now the proud parents of twin girls – Hannah Marie and Lauren Sky.
There is even a video that goes with this viewable below. Its a news clipping from a local Boston news station.