Ben Carpenter

21 year old Ben Carpenter of Michigan didn’t know that today would be the scariest day of his life. Carpenter was well strapped into his wheelchair and as he was crossing the road as a semi was waiting at the red light, he never once thought that today he would get the ride of his life. The light turned green as Carpenter was crossing the street and the semi driver didn’t notice Carpenter and stepped on the gas. This caused his wheelchair bars to get stuck in the grille of the semi and although he was first caught sideways, as the truck started to speed up, he was eventually turned facing forward. The semi with Carpenter stuck to the front of it was going 50 mph down the “Red Arrow Highway” and Police estimate that Carpenter was driven out almost 4 miles before the semi driver was stopped. Motorists on the highway called local police to notify them and luckily there were two undercover officers who were in the opposite direction who noticed Carpenter attached to the front of the truck. They made a U-turn and stopped the semi driver who was in utter disbelief. To everyone’s surprise, Ben Carpenter was lucky enough to walk away from the situation without a scratch on him! Ben Carpenter has muscular dystrophy and said that “It was pretty scary” and although his wheelchair tires were burned out they were replaced in time for a muscular dystrophy camp this weekend. All in all, a story with a happy ending!