I decided to take the plunge yesterday and upgrade to the new wordpress. I was still running on WordPress 2.1.3 and because of the security issue, I decided to upgrade. My only concern was that some plugins may or may not work plus the extremely large database I had. I actually wonder how many people have not as yet upgraded, but anyway, I figured it has been long enough, so, lets see how I did it.

STEP 1: The first thing I did was create a directory on the blog and installed the new wordpress in it.
STEP 2: Then, I created a new database for this and transferred my old tables to this new database. This is pretty much like creating a back up.

How To Create a Backup
The way you do it is you log into PHPMyAdmin and click on “Export”. Make sure that in the Export box to the left you have all the tables selected and the SQL radio button is selected. Then make sure the checkbox next to structure is selected and select the following values – “Add DROP TABLE, Add AUTO_INCREMENT value, Enclose table and field names with backquotes”. Moving on to the Data section, just be sure that the checkbox next to data is checked. Then the last step is to select Save As File and hit go. There you go, your back up is created!

How To Import Your Old Tables
This is quite simple. All you do is go back into PHPMyAdmin and select Import. Click on browse and select the SQL file you just saved and hit go and thats about it!

STEP 3: Moving on, as soon as all that was done, I transferred over any files in the old directory to the new wordpress that led to a short period of downtime (3 minutes).
STEP 4: Lastly I renamed the old folder into something else and CHMOD it so that it cannot be read or accessed and renamed the folder with the new WordPress in it to the old folder name and my new WordPress blog was Live!

It didn’t really take too long so if you are a little cautious like me, try this method out and let me know what you think. It probably took me 20 minutes with all the file transfer and importing of database, included.

I have another post coming up to help some of you who use the LIVE plugin like I do. It will definitely be interesting so watch for it.

As for now, I am pretty excited to be on the new WordPress. I dont know how many of you still use the old one but its not too bad.

Syed’s Issue With The New WordPress
Syed over at Balkhis.com noticed a problem with WordPress that he needs a little help with that I thought was quite interesting as I hadn’t noticed it. See if you have the same probelm.

Congratulations to Nick at RomanDock.com!
Nick is a great contributor at this blog and he won the John Chow’s bag of Market Leverage Stuff so Congrats Nick!

Quintin’s Monitor Giveaway
Quintin Riis tis giving away a pretty cool monitor over at his blog so I figured I would blog about it. I think its a great season of Giveaways if you havent already noticed all the market leverage contests going on!

Well thats all for now, Hope you enjoyed my post!