Google Adsense – How I love thee! I have always been a huge proponent of Google Adsense and have received several checks from Google as well but, considering that I have been away from the blogging scene for so long, it becomes a bit difficult to continue generating revenue but I have to say that even with the minimal amount of activity that I have had on the blog, Adsense helped pay the hosting bills a 100%.

Ahhh yes, Hosting! Interestingly enough, I had a huge battle with 1and1 as well but thats a story for a different blog post [Reminder for Self]. Now that I am back and the fact that I had some white space in the sidebar, I decided to add a large 250×250 Google Image Ad in the sidebar.

I also went ahead and added a 468×70 ad at the bottom of each separate post page. I do want to add an ad to the bottom of each post on the main page as well. These are not the intrusive ads but the ads that are really really thin and text only.

The basic thought process behind the placement of the ads is:
1) Visibility of the ads on the main page – When you place the ads on your page, make sure that they are visible and not jumbled with other ads and generally placed in the first fold of the page. Right now the ad in the sidebar is towards the bottom because of how long it takes Google to get relevant image ads to show up but eventually it will move to the first fold of the page.

2) Placement within a post - When a blog post is published, there are several ad options – such as placing the ad in the middle of a post, bottom or the top of a post. When an ad is placed at the top of a post, it probably shouldn’t be a large horizontal ad but a square ad aligned to the right of your post. I will include this type of ad in this post so that you can see how the ad will look.

3) Choosing the right ads – Generally Google places the content based on what you select but, what I mean is choosing an image ad vs text ads and there are tons of articles out there as to which ones are better. I will probably have a post on that topic coming up shortly so we can discuss which is better but, for now, just know that choosing the right kind of ad for the space is critical. Lets say I used a text ad in the sidebar instead of the image ad, it would probably look too crowded with all the text that I have in the sidebar for links and such. So that’s kind of the point that I am attempting to make with this last bullet.

Let me know your thoughts on the ad placement topic and I will have more posts regarding Adsense and ads in general along with sample pages and where I would recommend ads to be placed. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this post. I haven’t done a list-style post in a while but those seem to be the ones that always get a good bit of attention. Either way, have a great weekend!