Should I Use Images On My Blog?

A lot of people stay away from adding images into their blog posts but I vote YES for images mainly because they add a lot more to the blog than just colors. An image can help explain your post in one glance and can be very useful in helping you get a point across. I have been known to include a lot of images in my posts and lately I have slowed down on it but its time to kick it up another notch.

As many of you are familiar, Prija probably has the most unique diagrams that he creates and to explain how The Wall Of Blogs works, I’ve decided to follow his lead and create my own diagram to explain how things will work.If you have had the chance to visit The Wall, you will see that the “Second Level” not has text on the back that helps explain how the wall works. In addition, I figured I would add a diagram here to show the way the wall would work.

The Wall Of Blogs

The diagram explains how the level system will work. Initially I hadn’t planned on keeping everything stagnant and having one large wall but I decided that I would have levels and that way I would be able to provide all the sponsors with equal front page time. I appreciate and thank everyone who is part of the wall and I would really appreciate it if you could blog about the wall. Basically, a plug from JohnChow (Come on John Chow! Help a fellow blogger out!) would push this wall to the next level.

As of now, each level has 32 spots and the first level is almost completely sold out with only 1 spot remaining. After that, the second level will be ready to accommodate the newer sponsors. If you understand the idea of rotation you will realize that if you buy a block on Level 2 and when it rotates to the top of the page, that will be some real good virtual real estate. Also the current plan is to have 640 spots and give away $1000 total. If more spots could be sold later, then I will make it 1000 spots and give away another $500 bringing the total to $1500 total but that depends on how many spots sell. Either way, I want to thank everyone for their support and I will be trying to bring as much attention to the wall as possible in the coming weeks! Thanks again